Letter from the Editor

EDGLRD. Photo by Vanessa Diaz.

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Of all the places to introduce an issue exploring the shifting lines between art and entertainment, we found the best: cabana-side at the Hollywood Roosevelt, overlooking a pool painted by David Hockney. As vacationers ply its heated waters and dealers wrap another successful Felix LA fair, we pan north, across the Walk of Stars to the Dolby Theatre—the home of the Academy Awards.

Our work has taken us from biennials to curatorial summits to wrestling rings, so an issue of Discovery dedicated to art and entertainment was inevitable. And what better establishing shot for such an issue than Los Angeles?

Ground zero for pop culture, the city has long been home to the avant-garde, from Frankfurt School émigrés to Darby Crash to Semiotext(e). Everywhere, the boundaries between art and entertainment, culture and content, shift constantly. In LA especially the ground is always moving, tectonic tendencies notwithstanding.

And so, as LA Art Week fades into the Oscars, we present That’s Entertainment!

Join us as we careen around town with novelist Eliza Barry Callahan (whose novel The Hearing Test is out this week to critical acclaim). Along the way, we ask some of our favorite Angelenos, whether born, raised, or transplanted, about the work of art they feel captures something special about the city.

And knowing that what happens in LA certainly does not stay there, we present two conversations on cultural dissemination. Cultural Counsel founder Adam Abdalla and Eric Kohn, Head of Film Strategy and Development at EDGLRD, chat transmedia, worldbuilding, and distribution (cinematic and otherwise).

Back in New York, far from the shadow of the Capitol Records Tower, Eric Farber and Mike Pollard of Nina discuss their new music platform that empowers both artists and listeners.

Are you not entertained?

– Cultural Counsel